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With a humble beginning in 1979, THE NARAYANA GROUP today is one of Asia's largest educational conglomerates. A glimpse of our academic brilliance









Our Esteemed Faculty

BIT Sindri
National Academic Head – Coaching Centers

Shyam Bhusan

Since 2007, my joining in Narayana Group, I've had numerous chances to be part of something exciting, to be able to learn new things as well as demonstrate my strong commitment and contributions in teaching among wonderful teacher fraternity. To be an inspiring person for students is best part of my professional life here. I’ve been fortunate to be part of this wonderful environment that makes me who I am today.

IIT Roorkee
Center Director at Delhi

Anurag Mishra

Every day I start work with great hope and end with great satisfaction only because I chose to work with the esteemed Narayana Group who truly values my ideas and my thoughts. I can proudly say that it’s very innovative environment with highly skilled talent around, at Narayana Group where there’s an opportunity for anybody and everybody. I am glad that during my last 20 years in Narayana group I have a chance to make the most out of students and be a part of their success stories because of excellent academic system.

Delhi Technological University, University in Delhi
Faculty at Hyderabad

Gurucharan Singh Makhija

The amount of experience and talent present within Narayana Group is abundant. The people-focused policies in Narayana Group and the flexibility in getting the future we want is what I loved during my entire tenure. My passion to teach perfectly align with the vision of the Narayana Group – Determination, Progress and Service which is making me closely associate with this Group from years and years in future as well.

Faculty at Hyderabad


Joining Narayana Group immediately after my post-graduation directly from IIT is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Interaction with experienced lecturers who guided me and made me their colleague with such a gentle attitude has made me ready for the great career that is ahead of me. I understood that opportunity to learn and grow is higher in this group, and I am strongly looking forward to it.

IIT Patna
Faculty at Hyderabad

Pawan Kumar Mishra

Narayana Group has demonstrated exceptional professionalism, dedication, and a strong work ethic which has a great impact on my job performance, which is consistently of a high standard, and continually exceed the expectations. One thing that I would appreciate about working at Narayana Group, is the culture that they’ve built and are continuously building through years which is imparted in its employees as well.

Faculty at Hyderabad


Working at Narayana Group is all about Work Life balance, being appreciated and valued for. The working culture and intelligent talent pool at Narayana group provides space for constant learning and growing. The major driving factor for me to associate with Narayana group for all these 8 years and be associated for more years is that it has a great impact on Students and the way it cares about its employees.

Our Narayana Group